3 — 27 May

Synergies, by Adelaide-based artists Beverley Southcott, Will Nolan and Jenn Brazier, investigates in-between spaces that reside beneath our tangible reality. Be these meditative spaces amid war and conflict, the virtual world reconstructed as collaged realities or the unconscious mind depicted as urban oases.

(Im) Wrapped (Up) In You

(Im) Wrapped (Up) In You explores the culture of consumerism and overconsumption by emerging NSW-regional artist Elizabeth McCrystal.

31 May — 24 Jun
American Daydream

American Daydream by mid-career Canberra-based photographer Samuel Townsend is a suite of images that aim to illustrate an ambiguous narrative that blurs the line between documentation and construction.


Cultured, a microscopic photography series by emerging Canberra-based artist Josephine Cosgrove.

Beyond Bestimmung

Beyond Bestimmung by NSW-based emerging artist Ellen Dahl uses photography to explore the environment as a complex site of political and cultural identification, while also existing as a site of reverie and inspiration.

28 Jun — 22 Jul
A long distance relationship (One to three)

A long distance relationship (One to three), video artworks exploring the human condition by Sydney-based emerging artist Tahlia Smith.

26 Jul — 19 Aug

#welcomenotwelcome, an exhibition by mid-career Canberra-region photographer Hilary Wardhaug, documenting irony and human contradiction as expressed in urban scenes.

Journey Reluctantly Taken

Journey Reluctantly Taken by mid-career Canberra-based photographer Marzena Wasikowska, considering human induced climate change.


An exhibition by Canberra-based emerging artist Grace Blake discussing our increasingly fraught relationship with photography in the period of late capitalism and mass surveillance.

23 Aug — 16 Sep
Postcard eXotica

Postcard eXotica by Melbourne-based emerging artist Diego Ramirez showcases a 30min cinematic re-enactment in HD Video of a collection of found photographs (vintage American postcards produced circa 1900-1930s that depict Mexican stereotypes).

Complex Compromise

In Complex Compromise, Canberra-based emerging artist Chloe Gray uses portraiture and multiple exposure on film to navigate the layers of individuality, partnership and compromise in contemporary relationships.

18 Oct — 11 Nov
Points of Contact

Points Of Contact by emerging NSW regional photographer Joshua Thomas exploring the complex relationship between father and son.

The Fall

The Fall by Melbourne-based mid-career artist David Rosendale celebrates nature and landscape.


Moment by mid-career Canberra-based photographer Mark Mohell showcasing people at the moment they are freed from the weight of thought or obligation.


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