Postcards 2014: People Postcards

We invite PhotoAccess members to explore their diverse approaches to photographing and presenting images of people in the Postcards 2014: People Postcards show from 16 January to 2 February 2014.

As always a good deal of personal interpretation of the theme is encouraged. This is a chance for you to demonstrate your portraiture skills but, because we want to see clever, maybe witty, imaginative work we will be very open minded about subject choices.

There are some rules though:

1. Entries must be lodged using the entry form, submitted with PhotoAccess and paid for before 11 December 2013
2. Each member may enter up to 10 postcards with paper size no larger than 10cm by 15cm for a total entry fee of $30
3. If you are not a current member a discounted membership fee of $20 will apply when you enter
4. Work may be offered for sale and PhotoAccess will take a commission of 25%
5. Postcards should be delivered in an envelope with your name on it to the PhotoAccess office between 7 and 14 January 2013
6. Each print must have the photographer’s name on the back.
7. For catalogue purposes, a series title should be given for the works, not individual titles, although for your own purposes each work may be titled on the back of the photo
8. We will hang your work
9. Unsold postcards should be picked up at 4pm on 2 February or within a fortnight of the close of the show

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