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(Hayley Boyle)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery the second and final installment of its 2015 Residents Season, showcasing three new solo exhibitions by PhotoAccess Artists-in-Residence:

Akin to Lust by Hayley Boyle | A Place Within by Thea McGrath | Silver and Gold by David Flanagan
Exhibition dates: 3 – 13 December 2015

The exhibitions will be opened on Thursday 3 December 2015 at 6pm by Anne O'Hehir (Curator of Photography National Gallery of Australia).

PhotoAccess CIT Emerging Artist-in-Residence Hayley Boyle presents Akin to Lust, a series of glittering photographic collages exploring concepts of behaviour, identity and image consumption. In Boyle’s work, ‘the camera is used as a form of self-surveillance alongside awareness of culture, representations of the body and sexuality. The very notion of photographing is to acquire’. Akin to Lust involves a clash of deliberately hand-made techniques with mass-produced items, interspersed with uncanny features of the body. Boyle graduated from CIT in 2014 with a Bachelor of Photography. She was awarded the PhotoAccess CIT Residency Award for her graduating work. Catalogue.

CIT Emerging Artist-in-Residence, Thea McGrath presents her solo exhibition A Place Within. This distilled series of self-portrait works show the artist in a state of private reverie, or sleep. Reflecting on emotional states, McGrath gives a subtle and quietly confident insight into the psyche. She explains that while the images express an ‘overwhelming time’ filled with personal struggle, they are ‘also an expression of my confidence, in knowing that under all the overwhelming routine and daily life, I do know who I am.’ McGrath graduated with a Bachelor of Photography in 2014, and received a PhotoAccess Residency Award for her graduating work. This is her first solo exhibition. Catalogue.

David Flanagan’s exhibition Silver and Gold is the result of a six-month PhotoAccess Dark Matter residency, during which time he worked on images from his archive in the PhotoAccess darkroom. Flanagan uses aerial photography to explore Australia’s varied and intriguing landscapes. He explains: I am interested in the Australian light, which is harsh yet crisp and how it sculpts and defines these landscapes from above, revealing things not witnessed from ground level. The resulting imagery provides a rich visual experience and challenges the viewer to consider the landscape as more than a series of postcard vistas, but as a living, breathing and evolving land. Using traditional fibre-printing techniques and selenium and gold toning, Flanagan’s works are elegant examples of contemporary darkroom practice. David Flanagan is a mid-career Canberra-based artist. Catalogue.

Artists in conversation and closing drinks, Sunday 13th December, 2pm
Join Hayley, Thea and David as they discuss their works at PhotoAccess. Listen the event on our SoundCloud channel

About PhotoAccess Artist Residencies
At the 2014 Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Graduating Exhibition, PhotoAccess selected two graduates of the Bachelor of Photography program for 2015 Emerging Artist residencies. A PhotoAccess membership was also awarded to one graduate of the Diploma of Photography. The CIT awards are intended to assist artists in the emerging stage of their careers and with limited exhibition experience, to develop and present new work in Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions. Residencies involve mentoring, further education, access to facilities and equipment and, towards the end of each residency, an exhibition. The Dark Matter residency was established in 2015 to provide one artist with the opportunity to develop work in the PhotoAccess darkroom, for an exhibition in December 2015. David Flanagan is the inaugural recipient of the Dark Matter Award.

(David Flanagan)

(Thea McGrath)

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(Kon Kudo, Pop: Frame No. 128/1221 2015, inkjet print on motorised flipbook conveyer belt, 5.0 x 7.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery the first installment of its 2015 Residents Season, showcasing three new solo exhibitions by recipients of the Australian National University School of Art Emerging Artists Support Scheme PhotoAccess Awards:

Remnant by Rebecca Worth | Pop by Kon Kudo | The Death's Maiden by Ellen Hewitt
Exhibition dates: 19 – 29 November 2015

The exhibitions will be opened on Thursday 19 November 2015 at 6pm, by Dr Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts Australian National University School of Art

Emerging Artist-in-Residence, Rebecca Worth, presents Remnant: an immersive installation of photographic prints on fabric. In homage to psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach, Worth collages digital imagery to achieve ambiguous, abstract effects. Worth explains: Reflections, perceptions and experience are projected as the viewer searches for meaning. The viewer is held in limbo, between the form and their subjective perceptions. Devoid of inherent meaning, what is left is the remnant of the viewer. Worth is a graduate of Photography and Media Arts at the ANU School of Art, and received a one-year residency and exhibition opportunity for her graduating work. Throughout her residency at PhotoAccess, Worth experimented with large prints on fabric, and alternative processing such as cyanotypes. Catalogue.

Pop is a motorised flipbook installation by emerging artist and photographer, Kon Kudo. In an age of instant image-sharing and easy digital manipulation, Kudo’s work returns a sense of tangibility to the photographic image. His meticulously hand-wrought flipbooks allow the viewer to physically interact with his imagery. As he describes: Consumers are now overloaded with content, leading to a partial engagement with the material. Pop forces viewers to interact fully for the duration of the short loop, mimicking contemporary smart phone gestures but in contrast offering a more active experience. Kudo is the recipient of the 2015 EASS Exhibition Award, and is a recent graduate of the ANU School of Art Photography and Media Arts program. Catalogue.

In The Death’s Maiden, Emerging Artist-in-Residence Ellen Hewitt reflects on humanity’s fascination with mortality. Presenting layered prints on lightboxes, Hewitt explores the folkloric tale of The Death’s Maiden, mining art history, storytelling and fable to explore the ways in which death has been understood across Western culture. Ultimately, as she describes, the exhibition, demonstrates that what lies after death is only a manifestation of the collective introspections, speculations and thoughts of humankind. Hewitt was awarded a one-year residency and exhibition opportunity at PhotoAccess, following her graduating exhibition in 2014. In addition to her body of work for The Death’s Maiden, Hewitt used her residency to develop new work in the PhotoAccess darkroom. Catalogue.

5pm Thursday 19 November 2015 @ PhotoAccess
In Conversation event with Ellen Hewitt, Kon Kudo and Rebecca Worth. Free - all welcome. Watch the event on our vimeo channel.

About the PhotoAccess Emerging Artist Support Scheme Awards
At the 2014 Australian National University School of Art (ANU SoA) Graduating Exhibition, PhotoAccess selected two graduates for 2015 Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) residencies, and one graduate for a 2015 EASS Exhibition Award. The PhotoAccess EASS awards are intended to assist artists in the emerging stage of their careers and with limited exhibition experience, to develop and present new work in Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions. Residencies involve mentoring, further education, access to facilities and equipment and, towards the end of each residency, an exhibition. Rebecca Worth and Ellen Hewitt are the 2015 EASS Emerging Artists in Residence, and Kon Kudo is the recipient of the 2015 EASS Exhibition Award.

(Rebecca Worth, Untitled 1 from Remnant (detail) 2015, inkjet print on cotton, 59.4 x 84.1cm)

(Ellen Hewitt, The Deception and The Coming of Age from The Death’s Maiden 2015, inkjet prints, 42.0 x 59.4cm each)

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2015-11-15 16:00

(Louise Curham, A Film of One's Own [Archive Fever] 2015, super 8 film frames 02)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
A Film of One's Own [Archive Fever] by Louise Curham | The Apostle by Juhani Koivumäki

The exhibitions will be opened on Thursday 22 October 2015 at 6pm, with artist introductions by Louise Curham and Juhani Koivumäki.

Exhibition dates: 22 October – 15 November 2015.
Open until 6:30pm on Friday 13 November.

A Film of One’s Own [Archive Fever] by Canberra-based artist Louise Curham presents a video installation and digital prints constructed from super 8 film literally stuck inside a larger 16mm film. Physically cutting, manipulating and treating film, Louise addresses the shifting nature of technology, and the sense of subjectivity and malleability that is now invested in the film-based image- a medium once thought to be stable and infinitely repeatable. At this moment in contemporary media culture, where we are often struck by the power of our personal and shared social media archives, Curham considers the archive as a strange loop of creation and reflection. A Film of One’s Own [Archive Fever] explores film as a constantly shifting entity, akin to an oral history transmitting memories and feelings. The exhibition coincides with Global Super 8 Day on the 24th October 2015, celebrating 50 years of super 8 film (1965-2015). Catalogue.

Mid-career Finnish media artist Juhani Koivumäki’s The Apostle is a metaphorical media-art work reflecting on Jesus of Nazareth as a radical figure of Christianity. Using video art to recover the sense of radical spirituality in the biblical stories of Jesus Christ, Juhani seeks to reconnect art with spirituality and mysticism, in the context of the changing needs and pressures of contemporary society and its institutions. This is the international premier of The Apostle. Juhani’s visit to Australia is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, and the Finnish Film Foundation. Juhani’s stay in Canberra is supported by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres’ Visiting Artists Program. Catalogue.

6pm Thursday 5 November 2015 @ Ralph Wilson Theatre Gorman Arts Centres, 55 Ainslie Ave Braddon
Presented by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, Interchange features a screening of video works by three artists; visiting Finnish artist Juhani Koivumäki, and ACT based Ellis Hutch and Caroline Huf. Interchange will also engage the artists in conversation about their creative practices and the challenges and complexities of their dynamic art form. Afterwards, audience members are invited to join the artists for informal conversation at the Mint Bar. Discover the intersections between the work of these three artists, and the challenges and surprises of working in one of contemporary art’s most dynamic disciplines. Free entry - booking not required.

3pm Sunday 15 November 2015 @ PhotoAccess
Louise Curham with Canberra trio Psithurism (Rhys Butler, Richard Johnson and John Porter) present Performance for wind instruments and super 8 film. The performance is a closing event for the exhibition A Film of One's Own [Archive Fever]. Watch an excerpt from the performance on our vimeo channel.

(Juhani Koivumäki, The Apostle (still) 2015, single channel video, duration 4.21)

2015-09-24 18:00
2015-10-18 16:00

(Tony Fleming, Aurora Basin camp 2013, inkjet print, 29.7 x 38.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
Antarctica by Tony Fleming | PhotoACTIVISM PhotoAccess members' exhibition

Opening 6pm Thursday 24 September 2015
To be opened by Julia Mulligan, Chair Belconnen Arts Centre and PhotoAccess Life Member.

Exhibition dates: 24 September – 18 October 2015

Antarctica presents aspects of human contact with the forbidding, frozen landscapes and irrepressible grandeur of Antarctica. As Tony Fleming describes, Antarctica is a harsh and beautiful continent. The landscape and weather determines what humans can do and where we can go in the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean. This exhibition shows aspects of how people work in Antarctica and the magnificent landscapes. The images of the Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis, were taken on a commemoration voyage to Commonwealth Bay, celebrating the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, led by Douglas Mawson. Other images show the Aurora Basin North scientific camp, set up for the 2013-14 summer. The camp epitomizes Australia’s collaboration with other Antarctic nations to undertake globally significant science. Tony Fleming is a published photographer, whose work has been featured in journals of the Australian Antarctic Division, NSW National Parks & Wildlife, and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Tony led the Australian Antarctic Division from 2011-2015, leaving the Division in August this year. Catalogue.

PhotoACTIVISM, our final members’ exhibition for 2015, showcases photography as a persuasive and passionate medium. Photography can change perspectives, illuminate hidden truths, and challenge expectations. PhotoACTIVISM will showcase powerful images and images with intent, which make political statements, communicate important human experiences, prompt us to action, or activate our senses. In this exhibition, 31 PhotoAccess members have creatively addressed this theme through photography and photo-based art.

Exhibitors: Robert Agostino, Georgia Black, Grace Costa, Suzie Edwards, Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Julie Garran, Zelda Green, Toni Hassan, Susan Henderson, Gilbert Herrada, Margaret Kalms, Kon Kudo, Andrée Lawrey, Paul Livingston, Annette Lock, Hardy Lohse, Kate Luke, Michael Masters, Thea McGrath, Andrew Morgan, Julia Mulligan, Judy Parker, Kim Psaila, Glenn Pure, Brian Rope, Ian Skinner, Brian Stewart, Genevieve Swifte, Samuel Townsend, Rosina Wainwright and Barak Zelig.

PhotoAccess was established in 1984 as a community organisation, encouraging the use of photography to achieve personal and political growth, and providing affordable and accessible facilities. Times and technologies have changed, but PhotoAccess has adapted and matured, continually maintaining relevance – providing the inspiration and means for people to create their own cultural statements through the photo-based arts. It is with this in mind that we have invited members to creatively respond to the theme. Catalogue.

(Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Anthropocene (still) 2015, HD video with sound)

2015-08-27 18:00
2015-09-20 16:00

(Image: Elly Freer)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
At A Loss by Evan Baden, Dean Butters, Aimee Fitzgerald, Elly Freer & Emily Jackett | Curated by Dean Butters

Opening 6pm Thursday 27 August 2015: To be opened by Dr Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts, Australian National University School of Art.

Exhibition dates 27 August - 20 September 2015.

At A Loss explores the relationship between identity and the spaces we use to define that identity. At A Loss showcases works by Evan Baden (USA), Aimee Fitzgerald (Sydney), Dean Butters (Melbourne), Elly Freer (Melbourne) and Emily Jackett (Melbourne). Through the prism of accelerating technologies, and changing worldviews, the artists explore gender, geography, culture, memory, relationships and the self.

Evan Baden (USA) engages with the new intimacy that image sharing and digital technology has created in his series Technically Intimate. The works are reinterpretations of found imagery, posted online, probably without the senders’ knowledge. Baden addresses intimacy and the illusions of privacy that we still hold onto despite profound shifts in medium, transmission and security.

In Photorealism, Aimee Fitzgerald explores the tension between painting and photography as representational mediums, using intimate portraits to draw out dissonant attitudes to authenticity, artistic value and the depiction of beauty. The work interrogates our disparate reactions to photographs and paintings that painstakingly recreate photographs.

Emily Jackett's series Myth explores identity through the difference and repetition of memory. Nostalgia is used as a medium through which to continually reconstruct the self, retracing the remembered differences with overlapping lines to define ourselves. We continually retrace relationships to places, times and people, even our past selves; Reconstructing identity through echoes and ensembles of multiplicities.

Elly Freer's work Hanging Rock uses the film Picnic a Hanging Rock as an entry point through which to engage with ideas around a woman's place, as a guest, within the male environment. The work uses gothic imagery to invoke a sense of ill-ease within a space, an intense awareness of one's sexuality, and the ownership and violation of one's own body.

In I'm Not Made Of Successful Things Dean Butters uses the minimalist landscape of the Tonlé sap Lake in Cambodia, to engage with notions of value, privilege and success.

Probing the fragile and multi-faceted nature of the photographic image, these artists explore the changing culture and character of identity and connection today. Catalogue

Public programs
2pm Saturday 29 August, exhibition talk with artist and curator Dean Butters.

(Image: Emily Jackett, Myth (detail), inkjet print)

2015-07-30 18:00
2015-08-23 16:00

(Image: Spiro Miralis, Untitled (detail) 2010, from the series Underpass, pigment print, 33.0 x 48.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
proximate by Robert Agostino, Thomas Boivin and Spiro Miralis | Curated by The Photography Room
A World of Things by Jo Law and Redmond Bridgeman

Opening 6pm Thursday 30 July 2015: To be opened by Penelope Grist, Assistant Curator, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, and Chair of the Megalo Print studio + Gallery Board.
Exhibition dates 30 July - 23 August 2015.

proximate | Robert Agostino, Thomas Boivin and Spiro Miralis

proximate presents works by three photographers working in contemporary documentary photography. Comprising three substantial bodies of work by Robert Agostino (Canberra), Thomas Boivin (Paris, France) and Spiro Miralis (Sydney), proximate explores the emotive potential of the documentary mode. Separated geographically, these photographers are nevertheless united by stark and intimate observational works using traditional photographic processes, all drawing from personal experiences. proximate is curated by The Photography Room, a Canberra-based gallery representing Australian and international photographers, with an emphasis on personal documentary practice. Catalogue.

A World of Things | Jo Law and Redmond Bridgeman

A World of Things is a collaborative installation by Wollongong-based artists Redmond Bridgeman and Jo Law. A World of Things references natural history and scientific collections, but borrows its title from the English translation of Kamisaka Sekka's Momoyagusa. Sekka's three folded albums, comprising sixty woodblock prints, depict encounters between people, the seasons, everyday objects, and events. A World of Things similarly captures lived experience through a catalogue of images and vignettes to create a wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, composed of cyanotypes, silver gelatin prints, digital prints, and miniature dioramas. Catalogue.

Public programs
12pm Sunday 23 August, artist talks with Jo Law and Redmond Bridgeman.

(Image: Redmond Bridgeman, Sun (detail) 2014, collodion print, 35.0 x 35.0 cm)

2015-07-02 18:00
2015-07-26 16:00

(Image: James Tylor, Un-resettling (Hunting Kangaroo) (detail), 2014, hand-coloured inkjet print on photorag paper, 50.0 x 50.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
Un-resettling by James Tylor
The Waves + Control Rooms by Chris Bennie

Opening 6pm Thursday 2 July 2015: To be opened by David Broker, Director Canberra Contemporary Art Space.
Exhibition dates 2-26 July 2015.
Artist talks: 12pm Saturday 4 July 2015.

Un-resettling | James Tylor

Presented through the PhotoAccess Indigenous Photomedia Artists Program, Adelaide-based artist James Tylor brings Un-resettling to the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery following a recent showing at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Darwin. Un-resettling probes the paradox of practicing traditional Indigenous culture in National parks, conservation parks and recreational bushland, where such action is often illegal. Depicting dwellings and interventions into the landscape through delicately hand-coloured photographs, Un-resettling poetically reintroduces the human presence into an Australian landscape which is tightly controlled and bureaucratically managed. Catalogue. Watch James' artist talk on our vimeo channel.

The Waves + Control Rooms | Chris Bennie

Chris Bennie’s The Waves + Control Rooms was developed during an Asialink residency at Youkobo Artspace in Tokyo, and first exhibited there last year. In these works, Gold Coast-based Bennie explores the tragic aftermath of major disasters. The Waves is a series of photographic works in response to the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami, which attempt to comprehend their almost mythic destructive power. Control Rooms is a projected video work based on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. Composed of layered images of antiquated nuclear control plants, Control Rooms considers the absurdity of systems capable of harnessing awesome power and unleashing incomprehensible catastrophe. Catalogue. Watch Chris' artist talk on our vimeo channel.

Chris Bennie also features in the exhibition Innerspace, curated by David Broker and showing at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman Arts Centre, from 10 July – 15 August 2015. Chris Bennie’s visit to Canberra is supported in partnership with Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres’ Visiting Artists Program.

(Image: Chris Bennie, Control rooms, 2014, video with sound 20' 24", installation view at Youkobo Artspace, Tokyo, 2014)

2015-05-28 18:00
2015-06-28 16:00

(Image: Pavel Vrzala, Still Life (detail), 2015, pigment print, 25.0 x 25.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
A portrait of my father as a young man by Mary Hutchison
A Time and Place group exhibition

Opening 6pm Thursday 28 May 2015: To be opened by photographer and PhotoAccess tutor Sean Davey.
Exhibition dates 28 May - 28 June 2015.
Artist talks: 2pm Sunday 28 June.

A portrait of my father as a young man | Mary Hutchison

An exhibition by Canberra-based writer, researcher and PhotoAccess artist-in-residence Mary Hutchison, exploring the multi-faceted nature of identity through the family photo album. Catalogue. Listen to Mary's artist talk on Soundcloud.

A Time and Place | Group exhibition

In 2014/15 PhotoAccess ran the ten-month long Personal Photography Project workshop (culminating in this group exhibition) which provided a supportive environment for Canberra-based emerging photographers to develop a project of their choice. A Time and Place showcases works by nine participants of the Personal Photography Project: Phil Carter, Lori Cicchini, Julie Garran, Susan Henderson, Andrée Lawrey, Annette Lock, Kim Psaila, Thomas Varendorff and Pavel Vrzala. Catalogue. Listen to Phil, Pavel, Thomas and Kim's artist talks on Soundcloud.

(Image: Mary Hutchison, Rough proofs (detail), 2015, archival inkjet print on rag paper, 59.0 x 42.0cm)

2015-04-30 18:00
2015-05-24 16:00

(Image: Sean Davey, Fast food, takeaways + food stores, Port Moresby PNG (detail), 2015, 12 gelatin silver photographs on board)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
Port Moresby | Second Contact by Sean Davey
Opening 6pm Thursday 30 April 2015: To be opened by Glenn Keys, Co-Founder Aspen Medical and 2015 ACT Australian of the Year.
Exhibition dates 30 April - 24 May 2015.

Sean Davey, Port Moresby | Second Contact

This exhibition, by Canberra-based photographer Sean Davey, showcases images or Port Moresby made over a ten year period. Since 2005, Davey has been a regular visitor to Papua New Guinea, producing hundreds of photographs and contact prints. Part documentary record, and part photographer’s diary, Davey’s images show Port Moresby through a personal lens. Coinciding with Papua New Guinea’s 40th year of independence, Port Moresby | Second Contact is a distinctly intimate look at Papua New Guinea, which moves away from the sensationalised imagery of PNG common in mainstream Australian media. Exhibiting contact prints and collaged images, Davey takes the unfolding photographic process as his guide. His interest is not in monumentalised images, but cumulative instants of understanding, insight and connection. Davey is a freelance photographer and co-founder of The Photography Room, a Canberra-based photographic gallery. His work has been shown at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, The State Library of New South Wales, The Australian National Library, The Museum of Australian Democracy, Monash Gallery of Art and in numerous group exhibitions. Port Moresby | Second Contact is Davey’s ninth solo exhibition, and his second at PhotoAccess. It captures elusive moments of contact with people, place and the photographic process. Catalogue.

Public program:
Artist talk, Sunday 24 May 2015 at 2pm. Watch the talk on our Vimeo channel.

(Image: Sean Davey, Johnny playing guitar, Port Moresby PNG (detail), 2012, gelatin silver photograph)

2015-03-26 18:00
2015-04-26 16:00

(Image: Louise Baker, Wearables 1, 2014, digital prints on cotton and silk, dimensions variable)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery three solo exhibitions
Opening 6pm Thursday 26 March 2015: To be opened by Professor Helen Ennis, Sir William Dobell Chair of Art History and Art Theory, Australian National University School of Art.
Exhibition dates 26 March - 26 April 2015 (closed 3-6 April and Saturday 25 April - public holidays).

Public program: Floor talks and drinks with the artists, Saturday 28 March at 2pm

Three Sydney-based artists investigate the capacities of the contemporary photographic portrait. All three exhibitions are the artists’ first solo shows in Canberra, and give us a unique viewpoint on the properties and potential of the portrait in contemporary visual culture.

Laura Moore, Framed

Laura Moore presents Framed, a series of life-sized prints, in which subjects appear posed within the confines of the photographic frame. Moore lays bare the normally hidden exploitative relationship between the human subject and the artist by inviting artists themselves to pose within the confines of a literally constructed space, negotiating the frame with their bodies. At a time when we absorb more images than ever before, Framed poses ethical questions about the creation, and consumption, of photographic portraiture. Catalogue.
Listen to Moore's artist talk on Soundcloud.

Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Love Shack

In Love Shack, Yiorgo Yiannopoulos explores the balance between the public and private self, focusing on men’s public toilets as places of mundane necessity, and homosexual activity. Posing as an initiate, Yiannopoulos collected a dossier of found notes, samples and evidentiary material to create contemporary portraits. Exploring usually hidden identities, Love Shack speaks to the ways in which we negotiate our desires in public, and in private. Catalogue.
Listen to Yiannopoulos' artist talk on Soundcloud.

Louise Baker, That Jumping Guy

That Jumping Guy by Louise Baker comments on the tradition of photographic portraiture in light of modern technology, and patterns of consumption. Baker creates a living-room installation, overwhelmingly adorned with images of ‘that jumping guy’. The image itself, however, is one of fragility and spontaneity: Baker has simply captured the briefest moment of a guy jumping in mid-air. Catalogue.
Listen to Baker's' artist talk on Soundcloud.

(Image: Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Sample #1 (detail), 2014, inkjet print, 69.0 x 52.0cm)

(Image: Laura Moore, Frame #2, 2014, pigment print, 60.0 x 90.0cm)

2015-02-26 18:00
2015-03-22 16:00

(Image: Bill Lucas, From the belltower, X'ian, 1978, silver gelatin print, 30cm x 20cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery three solo exhibitions
Opening 6pm Thursday 26 February 2015
Exhibition dates 26 February - 22 March 2015
Closed Sunday 8 March 2015

Bill Lucas, China - Eighteen Days 1978

A series of works made in China in the late 1970s, following the end of the Cultural Revolution. First exhibited in 1981 at David Reid Gallery, Sydney, China - Eighteen Days 1978 comprises black and white silver gelatin photographs chronicling a research visit the artist made to China. A former psychiatrist, Lucas depicts surgeries and offices, filled with now-antiquated Chinese and Western medical paraphernalia, as well as landscapes, architectural photographs and images of everyday life with an eye for their formal beauty. As the renowned photographer Max Dupain mentioned in a review of the original 1981 exhibition, Lucas’ images are ‘simple, perceptive statements in black and white- minimum material doing and saying so much’. This new showing at PhotoAccess also features one never-before-exhibited work. Catalogue

Stephen Best, Out West

Taken in various parts of Western New South Wales, Out West comprises a series of monochromatic panoramic landscapes. Best uses a pinhole camera, allowing the eye of the camera itself to see the landscape. This process bends and blurs the edges of the image, creating landscapes that are enigmatic and slightly strange. There is a sense of something hidden beneath the image, the layers of history and time inscribed on the landscape subtly bubbling to the surface of the picture. Catalogue

Both exhibitions will be opened by Gordon Undy, photographer and co-founder of Point Light Gallery

Kai Wasikowski, Taking Liberties

This exhibition combines two bodies of work: Spent Pleasures and Handscapes. Kai's works are propositions to the viewer invoking notions of guilt on a social, personal and environmental level, particularly as we exist as consumers in a digital world. In his large scale digital photographs, Wasikowski invites us to reflect on the liberties we take as consumers, as well as our unavoidable impact on the landscape. Catalogue

To be opened by Martyn Jolly, Head of Photography and Media Arts, Australian National University School of Art

Public programs
In conversation with Kai Wasikowski, Sunday 1 March 2pm. Listen on Soundcloud.
Bill Lucas artist talk, Sunday 22 March at 2pm. Listen on Soundcloud.

(Image: Stephen Best, Darling River, Karoola Reach I, 2014, inkjet print on cotton rag paper, 40.0cm x 18.3cm)

(Image: Kai Wasikowski, Handscape II and Handscape III, 2014, pigment prints on paper, 31cm x 31cm each)

2015-01-29 12:00
2015-02-22 16:00

(Image: Lin Richardson, [Students outside Chifley Library, ANU Aquarius Festival of University Arts], 1971, silver gelatin print. Arthur Lin Richardson Archive, PhotoAccess Collection)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery two new exhibitions exploring the possibilities and parameters of film photography.
Opening 6pm Thursday 29 January 2015
Exhibition dates 29 January - 22 February 2015.

Our first members' exhibition for 2015, ON FILM showcases work by 40 photographers creatively addressing the role of film. Catalogue

Light Years
Light Years presents works drawn from the archive of the late Lin Richardson, a new acquisition to the PhotoAccess collection. Richardson’s works capture fragments of Canberra during the early 1970s, documenting festivals, protests, as well as aspects the photographer’s own personal life. Reflecting on the slippery truth and intimacy of the photographic image, six contemporary artists present new work in response to the archive. Artists: Madeline Bishop, Rowan Conroy, Hayley King, Mark Mohell, Scot Newman, Arthur (Lin) Richardson and Genevieve Swifte. Catalogue

Public programs
Light Years in conversation event
2pm Sunday 8 February
Light Years artists in conversation with Program Manager Claire Capel-Stanley.

Light Years story share
2pm Sunday 22 February
Stories inspired by images from the Lin Richardson archive, shared by RIP Publishing, a Canberra-based independent publisher producing participatory and collaborative content. Follow the RIP Publishing Light Years blog series.

(Image: Madeline Bishop, Almost too still 1 & 2, 2015, inkjet prints from photographic negative)

2015-09-11 12:18
2015-09-18 23:59

(image: Kate Luke, [Duck Rescue team await the start of the 2013 Duck hunting season, Victoria Australia])

A 2015 PhotoAccess members' exhibition

Our next members’ exhibition aims to pack a punch! PhotoACTIVISM will showcase photography as a persuasive and passionate medium. Photography can change perspectives, illuminate hidden truths, and challenge expectations. For our final members’ exhibition for 2015, we are calling for powerful images and images with intent.

PhotoACTIVISM aims to show works that make political or social statements, communicate important human experiences, prompt us to action, or activate our senses. Making our lived histories, stories and ideas visible.

PhotoAccess was established in 1984 as a community organisation providing affordable and accessible facilities and encouraging the use of photography to achieve personal and political growth. It is with this in mind that we invite new and existing members to creatively address the theme, PhotoACTIVISM, through photography and photo-based art.

In the lead-up to PhotoACTIVISM, we encourage members to take advantage of courses and workshops. A full list is available online here. Working on film? Take advantage of our darkroom subscriptions and free access days, details available here.

PhotoACTIVISM will run from 24 September to 18 October 2015. Completed online entry forms and a payment of $30 are due by 5pm Friday 11 September 2015. Click here to enter.