Artists In Residence

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(Image: Rebecca Worth, detail from The Grief Soliloquies series, 2014. Rebecca Worth is a 2015 PhotoAccess emerging artist-in-residence.)

2016 Residency and Exhibition

PhotoAccess is excited to launch Double Exposure, a residency program offering one interstate mid-career* artist a nine-month opportunity to produce new work for an exhibition and public program in 2016. Produced in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres (AGAC), Double Exposure supports the creation of new and innovative photo-based work. Priority will be given to artists who work experimentally, or who involve (or are wanting to introduce) cross-disciplinary elements, for example performance or installation. The residency aims to introduce one artist to ACT audiences, and to contribute to public awareness of photomedia practice in a national and expanded art context.

The residency runs over the course of nine months (March-November 2016), with seven weeks accommodation provided in Canberra at the Gorman Arts Centre ArtSit, to be apportioned at the artists’ discretion (in consultation with the AGAC). As well as the opportunity to create new work, the artist will participate in three events: an ‘In Conversation’ event, performance or workshop at Gorman Arts Centre, a talk or technical demonstration at PhotoAccess, and a solo exhibition at PhotoAccess in November 2016. The artist will have multiple opportunities to engage with the public, present their practice and exchange ideas with ACT artists and audiences.

The residency includes a stipend of $2,500, a materials allowance of $700, and a total travel budget of up to $1,660 to be provided over the course of the residency.

Applicants must submit an application form including a 1 page proposal for their residency project, a current CV and up to 10 JPEG images of recent work. Application form available here.

Applications close 5pm Wednesday 28th October 2015. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in mid November 2015.

Selection panel: Denise Ferris (Head of School of Art Australian National University), Anne O'Hehir (Curator of Photography National Gallery of Australia) and Janice Falsone (Director PhotoAccess).

*Mid-career artist definition (adapted from National Association for the Visual Arts guidelines): An artist who has had at least 5–10 years of professional practice experience. Professional practice is considered the public presentation of an artist’s work in a professional arts setting including galleries, museums, artist-run-initiatives, public art projects, commercial galleries, residency programs and major arts festivals such as biennales or art fairs. It does not include student exhibitions, awards or prizes.


This project is funded by the ACT Government's 2016 Arts Residencies ACT Program.

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(image: 2014 EASS PhotoAccess Award recipient Danny Wild's exhibition Thought Cues in the Multimedia Gallery)

ANU EASS Award Residencies: Call for expressions of interest
PhotoAccess is now accepting expressions of interest for our 2016 EASS (Emerging Artist Support Scheme) residency awards.

Each year, PhotoAccess hosts two residents who have graduated from the Australian National University School of Art. The residents are provided with technical support, guidance and mentorship towards a solo exhibition of photo-based art in December 2016.

Support for artists in residence includes a one-year membership of PhotoAccess, use of facilities and equipment, free enrolment in courses and workshops throughout 2016, help with grants applications, mentoring and advice. The residencies will be awarded by PhotoAccess based on the students' work at the 2015 ANU Graduating Exhibition.

To express interest in the PhotoAccess EASS residency program, please submit the following to by Wednesday 18th November 2015:

  • A one-page CV
  • 5 jpegs of recent work
  • An intended project description for the residency (max 1 page)

Please don't hesitate to call 6295 7810 or email with any questions prior to submitting an expression of interest.

For more information on PhotoAccess residencies and past residents, click here

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(Images: Annette Lock, 2014 PhotoAccess artist-in-residence. Black-and-white fibre prints of the former Transport Depot in Kingston in 1996, printed in the PhotoAccess darkroom in 2014.)

Dark Matter
2015 Darkroom Residency and Exhibition

PhotoAccess is offering a photo-based artist the opportunity to participate in Dark Matter, a unique residency program and exhibition opportunity based in darkroom practice.

The residency is an opportunity for an emerging, mid-career or established artist from the ACT or interstate to create a new body of work over a period of six months using the PhotoAccess darkroom. PhotoAccess is home to the only publicly-accessible black-and-white darkroom facility in the ACT region, and encourages the use of traditional and experimental darkroom practices.

The successful applicant will receive free access to the PhotoAccess darkroom (including all chemicals, but excluding paper and film), feedback and support from PhotoAccess staff and tutors, and a one-year membership to PhotoAccess. The Dark Matter residency will culminate in a solo exhibition in the PhotoAccess Multimedia Gallery, from 3-13 December 2015. The resident must also present a public program, such as a talk or demonstration, alongside their exhibition, and all exhibited work is required to be for sale.

Applicants must have demonstrated competency in the darkroom. PhotoAccess will provide general support and technical advice, but formal tuition in darkroom printing and techniques is available only at the usual members’ cost. Aside from waiving the exhibition and darkroom access fees, no additional financial support is provided.

The Dark Matter residency exists to encourage contemporary darkroom practice. PhotoAccess welcomes creative proposals from artists of all career stages and backgrounds, working in all styles of photography and across all darkroom media.

Applications closed Tuesday 26 May 2015. Click here to view the application form.

PhotoAccess is pleased to announce David Flanagan as the recipient of the 2015 Dark Matter Darkroom Residency and Exhibition. David is an accomplished mid-career photographer based in Canberra. He will use the residency to print abstracted aerial landscape photographs, taken using the techniques drawn from early photo-reconnaissance and cartography, to create, as he describes, 'anthropomorphic forms revealed within the landscape from above.' PhotoAccess looks forward to working with David and exhibiting his work in December this year. Check out David's website.

(Image: 2015 artists-in-residence; left to right - Rebecca Worth, Ellen Hewitt, Hayley Boyle and Thea McGrath)

PhotoAccess offers residency opportunities to a number of artists each year
Emerging artists selected from graduating students of the ANU School of Art and the Canberra Institute of Technology are strongly represented in the program. Indigenous artists have also been strongly represented since 2006 when funding under the ACT component of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy allowed us to extend the program. The aims of the residency program are to:

  • assist emerging artists to develop their practice and present work to a wider audience
  • provide established artists with opportunities to acquire new skills and produce and show new work.

Support for artists in residence includes membership of PhotoAccess, use of facilities and equipment, free enrolment in courses and workshops, help with grants applications, informal mentoring and advice, technical and creative support with projects and, in some cases, exhibition opportunities. Details of each residency and the support provided are decided on a case-by-case basis and normally run for one year.

Emerging artists
PhotoAccess awards four emerging artists residencies each year to students graduating in photomedia:

  • two are awarded to graduates of the ANU School of Art through the Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS)
  • two are awarded to graduates in photomedia from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

Each year we award residencies to one or more emerging Indigenous photographers. The residencies culminate in a NAIDOC Week exhibition in the HUW DAVIES GALLERY. Emerging artist residencies are supported by funding under the ACT component of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (VACS).

Established artists
Other residencies are awarded on the basis of proposals submitted to PhotoAccess. Artists considering residencies should contact PhotoAccess in the first instance to discuss their ideas and needs before submitting a proposal.

2015 artists in residence
2015 emerging artists in residence are Rebecca Worth & Ellen Hewitt (EASS, ANU School of Art) and Thea McGrath & Hayley Boyle (CIT Graduates). Mary Hutchison is also partaking in a residency at PhotoAccess this year. Madeline Bishop, Rowan Conroy, Hayley King, Mark Mohell, Scot Newman and Genevieve Swifte participated in a mini-residency at PhotoAccess from November 2014 to January 2015 to create worth for the Light Years exhibition.

(Image: Annette Lock, 2014 artist-in-residence; photo Sean Davey)

(Image: Robert Agostino, 2011-13 artist-in-residence; photo Sean Davey)

Past artists in residence
Emerging artists in residence were Octavio Garcia Alvarado & Madeline Bishop (EASS, ANU School of Art) and Andrea Pitsilos & Lori Cicchini (CIT). Other residencies were awarded to Kerry Reed-Gilbert (PhotoAccess Indigenous Artist residency), Annette Lock and Mary Hutchison. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by artists in residence were:

Emerging artists in residence were Charles White and Aimee Fitzgerald (EASS, ANU School of Art) and Dean Johnson and Tess Godkin (CIT). Other residencies were awarded to Marissa McDowell (PhotoAccess Indigenous Artist residency), Robert Agostino, Annette Lock and Josie Alexandra. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by artists in residence were:

  • Dean Johnson, Grit
  • Tess Godkin, Still
  • Charles White, Work Prints
  • Aimee Fitzgerald, Home
  • Marissa McDowell, Colours of India

Emerging artists in residence are Holly Granville-Edge and Jack Brandtman (EASS, ANU School of Art) and Stephen Corey and Ginette Snow (CIT). Other 2012 artists in residence are Robert Agostino, Julia Boyd, Elena Papanikolakis and Tracey Benson with Martin Drury. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by artists in residence were:

  • Josh Wodak, Sense of surroundings
  • Ginette Snow, Just families
  • Stephen Corey, alpha waves, beta waves
  • Holly Granville-Edge, Chimera
  • Jack Brandtman, Interval

Emerging artists in residence were Katherine Griffiths and Natalie Azzopardi (EASS, ANU School of Art), Kerstin Styche (CIT and 2011 Emerging Indigenous Photographer) and Teri Robertson (CIT). Other residencies were awarded to Josh Wodak, Wendy Fairclough (South Australian glass artist, a short term residency to develop digital images for a glass art commission by the Museum of Australian Democracy) and Robert Agostino. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2011 artists in residence were:

  • Kerstin Styche, Walan Budhang Yinaagirrbang (Strong Black Women )
  • Kerstin Styche, Identity through our eyes
  • Natalie Azzopardi, Beyond the Laughing Sky
  • Katherine Griffiths, Naturally Beautiful

Emerging artists were Chris Whitelaw and George Emerson (EASS, ANU School of Art), Jamila Toderas and Holly Treadaway (CIT), Nic Radoll, Tyrell Kamira Sams, Jo Kamira and Lyndy Delian (2010 Emerging Indigenous Photographers). HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2010 artists in residence were:

  • Nic Radoll, Tyrell Kamira Sams, Jo Kamira and Lyndy Delian, 4 Emerging Indigenous Photographers
  • Jamila Toderas, In my nightmares
  • Holly Treadaway, sticks &stones
  • Chris Whitelaw, The Shades of November

Emerging artists were TJ Phillipson and Heather Kerr (EASS, ANU School of Art), Cate McDonald (CIT), Lyndy Delian (2009 Emerging Indigenous Photographer). Other residencies were awarded to Lauren Hewitt, Jon Lewis (a short term dark room based residency to produce images from visits to Pacific countries) and Ruth Maddison (supported by the 2008 Regional Arts Fund and the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts). HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2009 artists in residence were:

  • Lyndy Delian, 1200 0
  • Lauren Hewitt, Familiar Fable
  • Ruth Maddison, There is a time
  • TJ Phillipson, Semblance

Emerging artists were Anna Madeleine and Isha Bae (EASS, ANU School of Art), Eve Conroy (CIT), Otis Williams (2008 Emerging Indigenous Photographer). Other residencies were awarded to Duncan Smith (with support from the ACT Arts Fund) and Rewa Nolan (with support from the Regional Arts Fund). HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2008 artists in residence were:

  • Otis Williams, Crossing
  • Duncan Smith, Back to Country
  • Rewa Nolan, Exposure
  • Anna Madeleine, Uncharted

Emerging artists were Justin Clune and Majella Brown (EASS, ANU School of Art). Other residencies were awarded to Payal Sehgal Mahajan and Suzie Edwards and three artists, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, Duncan Smith and Renee Smith participated in the Indigenous Artists Digital Storytelling Project. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2007 artists in residence were:

  • Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, River
  • Duncan Smith, Wiradjuri Echoes
  • Renee Smith, Telling My Story
  • Payal Sehgal Mahajan, Les bleues et les rouges
  • Suzie Edwards, Please Don’t Send Me Home
  • Justin Clune, Interval
  • Majella Brown, Removed

Emerging artists were Erica Hurrell and Samuel Townsend (EASS, ANU School of Art), Brad Ferguson (CIT), Dan O’Day, and two artists, Leise Guthridge and Liz McNiven, participated in the Indigenous Artists Digital Storytelling Project. A residency was awarded to Sonia Turner. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2006 artists in residence were:

  • Leise Guthridge, Sisters’ stories—Anna
  • Liz McNiven, Spiritual Land
  • Dan O’Day, Still
  • Erica Hurrell, Fifteen Minutes
  • Samuel Townsend, Bleeding Lines
  • Sonia Turner, Out of the woodwork: The People and Place of Bungendore

Emerging artists were Rose Osborne and Tim Thomas (EASS, ANU School of Art). Other residencies were awarded to Barbie Robinson (assisted by a grant from the 2005 ACT Seniors Grants Program), Denys Delvigne (assisted by the Embassy of France), and Darren Clarke. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2005 artists in residence were:

  • Rose Osborne, Blank
  • Tim Thomas, Fragment
  • Denys Delvigne, One Day(s)
  • Barbie Robinson, 256 Shades of Grey
  • Darren Clarke, The fringe dwellers

Emerging artists were Madeleine Donovan and Lauren Hewitt (EASS, ANU School of Art). Other residencies were awarded to Rozalind Drummond and Mary Hutchison for a project made possible by an ACT Arts at the Cutting Edge program grant. HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions by 2004 artists in residence were:

  • Madeleine Donovan and Lauren Hewitt, Latent
  • Rozalind Drummond and Mary Hutchison, Mirror City