About Us

PhotoAccess presents exhibitions, courses, talks, publications and special projects. Our purpose is to enrich the arts and provide creative opportunities to challenge and inspire the ACT community by continuing to be the principal destination for people to see and appreciate, learn about, make and show contemporary photo based art.

We are an incorporated community association and encourage new members. We aim to serve the ACT community by providing inspiration and the means for people to develop and create their own cultural statements through the photo based arts. We provide opportunities right across the community, including groups and individuals whose access to photo media is limited by gender, geography, income, disability or other reasons.

Our exhibition space, the HUW DAVIES GALLERY, is a public art gallery and the only community gallery in the ACT dedicated to contemporary photo based arts. The gallery is a place where people can see exhibitions of new work and work from our collection. PhotoAccess has a particular interest in showing work relating to the ACT and region.

Our darkrooms are a platform for people to create and learn through the alchemy of traditional black and white photographic processes. Our Multimedia Centre offers creative and learning opportunities in digital media, including digital photography, digital imaging, digital storytelling, video editing, web development and animation.

PhotoAccess Constitution

PhotoAccess acknowledges the support of the ACT Government through artsACT and the ACT Arts Fund, and the Australian Government through the ACT component of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy.

PhotoAccess and the HUW DAVIES GALLERY are located in the Manuka Arts Centre, an ACT Government arts facility. Manuka Arts Centre is on the corner of Manuka Circle and New South Wales Crescent in Griffith ACT (near Manuka Oval and the Manuka Pool).

We contribute to development of the photo based arts in the ACT by letting people see, learn, make and show photography and other photo based art.

Seeing and showing—the HUW DAVIES GALLERY is open to the public 10–4 Tuesday to Friday and 12–4 on weekends with a full program of changing exhibitions. We encourage exhibition proposals from individual artists and present cutting edge, community based and annual members’ exhibitions, and exhibitions from the PhotoAccess Collection. Work shown in the HUW DAVIES GALLERY is generally for sale.

Learning—our courses and workshops are structured to meet a wide range of needs from beginners to experienced practitioners. They are highly regarded and constantly developing to provide expert and personal support to help people discover and improve their photo media skills. Our regular courses are offered week nights and on weekends, and we can arrange specialist courses at other times to suit your requirements.

Making—we are passionate about the photo based arts and believe everyone should share the wonder and satisfaction of creating images using all the possibilities of photo media. We encourage and share interesting and fresh approaches to the photo based arts through our exhibitions, artists in residence program, talks, publications and special projects.

Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers for courses, membership and access hours are a great gift available from PhotoAccess.

Volunteers help us to keep our facilities open on weekends and in other ways. The benefits of volunteering include gallery minding experience and opportunities to learn and share stories and interests by interacting with other photographers.

Artists in residence
PhotoAccess makes an important contribution to the development of emerging artists by offering residency and access opportunities. We welcome residency proposals at any time.

Special projects
We are happy to assist community groups with projects involving photography. We can help administer grant monies and provide discounts on the use of our facilities. Contact us to discuss your project and ways we might be able to help.