Education offerings for groups

(Image: students working in the PhotoAccess darkroom)

Courses and workshops for groups
We can tailor courses and workshops to suit the needs of your group- be it a corporate package (weekend workshop team building exercise or professional development), or school or community group offering.

PhotoAccess was established in 1984 to encourage the use of photography to achieve personal and political growth and to provide affordable and accessible facilities. Times and technologies have changed but our mission has remained the same. Our core education program is structured to meet a wide range of needs and experience levels, while our outreach and community engagement programs allowed people to participate in the arts who might otherwise not have had the opportunity. We also work with schools and community groups who increasingly lack access to analogue cameras and darkroom facilities.

Examples of courses and workshops that work for groups:

  • Digital storytelling | 26 hour course
    Digital storytelling allows people to tell their own stories in their own voice. The course, usually run over eight weeks, provide professional support for the making of a short film of three to five minutes. Working with Artistic Director Jenni Savigny (Gen S Stories), a photographer and a filmmaker, participants write their own film script, record their own voice-over and create their own images. The classes are fun, safe and highly creative. Digital stories are a simple and powerful way to celebrate people and also their organisations and communities.
  • Point, Shoot and Self Publish | 24 hour course
    The Point, Shoot & Self-Publish photography course, usually run over eight weeks, is designed for participants to create a unique, professional standard photography book using point and shoot digital photography combined with DIY book-publishing. Structured around themes chosen by the participant, this program will focus on personal photography practice, using a series of pictures to communicate personal themes and/or subjects. Participants will use digital cameras and a computer book-making program to create their own photobook, which they will be able to keep on completion of the course.
  • Beginners black-and-white film and darkroom | 24 hour course
    The process of making great photographs doesn’t end when you put down the camera- the darkroom is where the real magic begins. The Beginners black-and-white film and darkroom program is designed for students to learn the fine art of black-and-white film photography. On completion of the program, participants will have developed the skills necessary to make their own creative statements using film photography. Students will have the opportunity to develop an individual project, working through conceptual and technical processes to produce high-quality images.

Or, any of our standard courses or workshops can be tailored for a group booking.

If you would like to find out more about how you or your organisation could get involved, please contact us (phone 02 6295 7810).

(Image: Make your own photobook in our Point, Shoot and Self Publish course)