Copperplate Photogravure | weekend workshop with Bill Moseley

2016-05-11 10:00
2016-05-11 15:00

(Image: Bill Moseley, Kites at Laura Aboriginal Coolburn workshop 2015, photogravure)

Copperplate Photogravure | weekend workshop
In this two-day intermediate workshop you will learn about photogravure, a method of Karl Klic/Fox Talbot using polished copper plate with sensitised gelatine tissue. At the intersection of photography and printmaking, this original 19th Century technique is unsurpassed in depth and tactile quality. Combined with modern inkjet positives, photogravure is an interesting intersection between traditional printmaking, photography and digital technology.

Working from a digital file, students will create a digital positive on 'Pictorico' overhead projection material. This is then exposed onto sensitised gelatine tissue, then transferred to the polished and degreased plate. After development in warm water and careful drying, the plate is then etched. The resulting plate is then inked and printed through an etching press.

Bill Moseley - Bill is an experienced photographer and printmaker and co-founder of Hill End Press. He is also a regular educator of 19th Century photographic processes.

What to bring?
Students are to provide two digital images prior to the workshop (300dpi 15x20cm each) so that we can assess the suitability of the images for the process. All other materials supplied for producing two 8"X6" copper plates with proofs (per student). Lunch is not provided.

Dates TBA (Saturday & Sunday), 10am-4pm both days
To express your interest in future dates please email us.

$475 TBC (for current PhotoAccess members)
$510 TBC (including 12 months membership of PhotoAccess)

Maximum number of participants: 6

Who is this class for? This is an intermediate photography workshop and completion of any of the following courses/workshops (or equivalent experience) is recommended as a minimum; Darkroom Essentials weekend workshop, Dark Arts six-week beginners darkroom course, Camera Basics one-day workshop, or Camera Skills five-week course.

Please note that this Copperplate Photogravure workshop involves the use of potassium dichromate in the sensitising of the tissue, safe handling procedure is paramount.

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