Lori Cicchini "Ghost Stories" | Andrea Pitsilos "Travel Diaries" | Liam James "Dole/Dolour..." | Exhibitions 6-23 November

2014-11-06 18:00
2014-11-23 16:00

(Images, left to right: Andrea Pitsilos, Kansas city - Pride and Portland)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery and Multimedia Gallery three exhibitions.
Opening 6pm Thursday 6 November 2014 - all welcome. Opening speaker Magda Keaney, writer and curator. Exhibition dates 6-23 November 2014.

Artist talk and fashion parade: On Sunday 16 November at 2pm PhotoAccess will host a fashion parade in the gallery, showcasing a collection by Canberra label Rockstars and Royalty, to coincide with Lori Cicchini's Ghost Stories exhibition. Lori will also be presenting an artist talk at the event. Come along, have some sparkling wine, and enjoy the show. Watch on vimeo.

Each year PhotoAccess selects two photography graduates from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) for PhotoAccess emerging artist residencies. The intention is to assist those photographers, in the emerging stage of their careers and with limited exhibition experience, to develop and present new work in Huw Davies Gallery exhibitions. Residencies can involve mentoring, courses, access to facilities and equipment and, towards the end of each residency, exhibition opportunities. Andrea Pitsilos and Lori Cicchini graduated from CIT in 2013 and are the recipients of the 2014 PhotoAccess/CIT emerging artist residencies.

Lori Cicchini | Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories, an exhibition by Canberra-based photographer Lori Cicchini. An award-winning fashion and portrait photographer, Lori’s stunning images were inspired by a collection entitled Chateau la Mothe-Chandeniers, by Canberra-based designer label Rockstars and Royalty. The Chateau is an abandoned 13th-century castle in the Loire Valley, France, originally owned by the Baucay family. Over the years, the property was handed down through the family and restored in the 19th century to grandeur, however was partially destroyed in 1932 by fire. The property remained unattended and has since fallen to disrepair due to plants growing and destroying walls and caving in the roof in most areas. Inspired by the Chateau la Mothe-Chandeniers, Ghost Stories imagines the fractured memories of the life that once dwelled within its walls, blended with the organic life that is now taking over the ruins: the encroaching vegetation and the wildlife. Each image translates the artists' interpretation of stages in life and death, love and fear, despair and hope. The exhibition itself can be read as a self evaluation of the artist’s own journey. Catalogue

Andrea Pitsilos | Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries, an exhibition by Canberra-based photographer Andrea Pitsilos. A portrait and fashion photographer, Andrea presents street photography in this exhibition, taken during a trip around the United States of America and Canada in June and July of this year. As much as a record of travel, Andrea’s works in Travel Diaries speaks of a desire to capture visual stories through photography. Her photographs are a personal record of travel, but they also suggest enigmatic narratives that are animated by the viewer. Pitsilos is attracted to the particular qualities of light, pattern and colour, as fragments of sensory memories collected during her travels. Many images are taken of people from behind, as they look out over landscapes and at the surrounds of the city. Travel Diaries is not only about travel, but also about the experience of place, of looking, appreciating and capturing images through photography. Catalogue

Liam James | Dole/Dolour: An Allegory for the Fifth Corner of the World
Dole/Dolour: An Allegory for the Fifth Corner of the World, a photographic exhibition by Hobart-based emerging artist Liam James. This exhibition was conceived during the artist’s stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris where he was undertaking the Rosamund McCulloch residency, awarded to one University of Tasmania graduate annually. It was against the crumbling grandeur of European art history and economic upheaval that James’ exploration of young Australian identity emerged. Dole/Dolour: An Allegory for the Fifth Corner of the World is a response to the artist’s visit to Galleria Vittoria Emmanuel in Milan, where four large mosaics visually define the separate corners of the earth (Europe, Africa, Asia and The Americas). James’ photographic allegories are studded with jewel-like ornaments of Australiana. Gum leaves hang like chandeliers, foaming waves course over rocks on creased backdrops, which could have been souvenired from a tourist commercial. Markers of the artist’s home at the very southern point of the country are included in bottles of James Boag’s beer, held loosely in the hand. Against these studio settings of constructed cultural identity, James’ portrait subjects exhibit a depth of pathos, caught in reveries of unending sadness and longing. Dole/Dolour: An Allegory for the Fifth Corner of the World is a travelling exhibition presented at Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart and the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery at the Manuka Arts Centre in Canberra. The exhibition was assisted by Arts Tasmania and the University of Tasmania. Catalogue

(Image: Lori Cicchini, Whispering magic)

(Image: Liam James, Woman of the fifth corner of the world)