Annette Lock "There is no escape" | "Access 2: One Great Place" a PhotoAccess members' show | Exhibitions 28 Aug - 14 Sept

2014-08-28 10:00
2014-09-14 16:00

(Images: Annette Lock)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery and Multimedia Gallery two exhibitions.
Opening 6pm Thursday 28 August 2014 - all welcome. Opening speaker Sally Pryor, Arts Editor & Panorama Editor The Canberra Times. Exhibition dates 28 August - 14 September 2014.

There is no escape | Annette Lock
There is no escape is Annette Lock’s first solo exhibition. A series of black-and-white fibre prints documents the former Transport Depot in Kingston in 1996 – in a curious moment of temporary abandonment following the closure of the Depot in 1992, and before the wave of renewed interest in and development of the Kingston Foreshore precinct. The site was occupied by the Old Bus Depot markets in 1997, and has since become a highly popular weekend destination for Canberrans and tourists alike. Annette’s beautifully rendered yet haunting imagery verges on the post-apocalyptic – simultaneously recording the creative and destructive traces of human presence. This evocative exhibition reminds us of the cycles of occupation and abandonment that characterise the growth and development of a city – a layering of memory and experience that reminds us of the transience of human existence. Annette printed the images, for the first time, in the PhotoAccess darkroom under the tutelage of Sean Davey as part of the PhotoAccess 2013/2014 artist-in-residence program. Annette is an active member of PhotoAccess and has included work in many members’ exhibitions. PhotoAccess is delighted to host Annette’s fist solo exhibition, There is no escape, in the Huw Davies Gallery. Catalogue

ACCESS 2: One Great Place | A 2014 PhotoAccess members' exhibition
Access 2 - One Great Place is a PhotoAccess members’ exhibition exploring many great places – through street, landscape and interior photography. The 44 members whose work features in the exhibition include landscape photographers adept at capturing sublime and exotic locations, photographers who playfully embrace staged interior photography, and others inspired above all by their own city. The resulting exhibition is compelling, intimate and often nostalgic. The viewer encounters familiar scenes – wintry suburban yards, homely interiors, and blushing sunsets – alongside more remote destinations – seaside vistas, African deserts and Turkish mosques. Considered compositions sit alongside images captured by pure happenstance, celebrating the varied objects of attention chosen by the photographic eye. One Great Place presents work by the following PhotoAccess members: Madeline Bishop, Hayley Boyle, David Chalker, Alan Charlton, Lori Cicchini, Aaron Clark, Belinda Collins, Laura Dabudyk, Sean Davey, Tod Davis, Marwan El Hassan, Jennifer Everart, Anne Fulker, Julie Garran, Susan Henderson, Gilbert Herrada, Marilyn Hutchinson, Paul Jurak, Margaret Kalms, Angus Kendon, Andree Lawrey, Paul Livingston, Annette Lock, Bill Lucas, Kate Luke, Marie Lund, Trevor Lund, Tabitha Mann, Ian Marshall, Helen McFadden, Mark Mohell, Andrew Mooney, Bhavana Moylan, Scott Newman, Judy Parker, Glenn Pure, Brain Rope, Payal Sehgal, Lorna Sim, Jennifer Thompson, Samuel Townsend, Pavel Vrzala, Margo Wade and Barak Zelig. One Great Place is the third and final members’ exhibitions in the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery 2014 programme. One Great Place’s sister exhibition, One Great Face, occurred in May, and focussed on portrait photography. PhotoAccess members’ shows provide accessible and challenging exhibition opportunities for photo-based artists working at diverse career stages. Catalogue

(Image: Dean Klemick)