Chimera - Holly Granville-Edge

2012-11-29 18:00
2012-12-16 16:00

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PhotoAccess offers residency opportunities to a number of artists each year. An aim of the residency program is to assist emerging artists to develop their practice and present work to a wider audience.

Support for artists in residence includes PhotoAccess membership, use of facilities and equipment, access to courses and workshops, help with grants applications, mentoring and advice, technical and creative support and, in some cases, exhibition opportunities.

PhotoAccess is a strong supporter of the ANU School of Art’s Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS): two of our residencies each year are awarded to School of Art final year graduates. Holly Granville-Edge and Jack Brandtman are our residents from the 2011 graduating year. Support from the ACT component of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy allows us to help emerging artists show their work as part of the HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions program—for some this is their first solo exhibition, helping build a bridge between their student and future lives as contemporary visual artists.

The work in Chimera and the work we saw in her graduate year exhibition suggests that Holly Granville-Edge's main creative interest is a serious one, albeit one sometimes cloaked in humour. Her images deal with questions of perception and self. She is designer, model and photographer in most of her thought provoking, very original images.

Granville-Edge touches on these issues in her artist statement for Chimera:

'The chimera can be a metaphor for the self. We operate with various shades of physical, emotional, practical, and intellectual selves all sheltering within the one being. No single element can utterly describe the whole'.

The clever manipulations in these images are not obvious. Detection requires close inspection, just as we should all perform a more than superficial assessment before we judge others.

PhotoAccess is delighted to present Holly Granville-Edge’s Chimera to visitors to the HUW DAVIES GALLERY.

David Chalker