alpha waves, beta waves - Stephen Corey

2012-11-08 18:00
2012-11-25 16:00

Corey for web.jpg

Each year we select graduates from the Canberra Institute of Technology and the ANU School of Art for PhotoAccess emerging artist residencies. The intention is to assist those artists, most young and with limited exhibition experience, to develop and present new work in HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions. The residencies involve mentoring, courses, access to facilities and equipment and, towards the end of each residency, exhibition opportunities. Exhibitions are assisted by funding under the ACT component of the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy.

From the 2011 CIT graduating year we offered residencies to two photographers with more experience than most recent graduates. Stephen Corey and Ginette Snow have established reputations for mature and recognisably individual work over the past two years. They have both received awards for high academic achievement and shown work in PhotoAccess and other group exhibitions, including the Head On Photo Festival.

We first saw Stephen Corey’s remarkable family based images in Access all areas 2011: The PhotoAccess Members Show. When we came upon his final year images in MOMENTUM, the December 2011 exhibition by CIT students at the Old Bus Depot Markets at Kingston we instantly recognised his signature lighting style and quirky sense of humour. Corey’s family have been willing collaborators in the making of the striking images that make up the On Holydays series shown here as part of his alpha waves, beta waves exhibition.

The second part of the exhibition also owes a considerable debt to family members in a very different, more serious but, as always with Corey, thoughtful take on the human condition.

Stephen Corey has joined our teaching staff in recent months and we are delighted to share his alpha waves, beta waves with visitors to the HUW DAVIES GALLERY.

David Chalker