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We're continuing our exciting education program in 2016 and beyond!
All courses and workshops are held at PhotoAccess unless otherwise specified. Click here to view our enrolment terms and conditions. This page is constantly updated - check back regularly for new dates and courses and workshops.


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For adult courses and workshops commencing after 1 September 2016, PhotoAccess is offering a discount of $10 on course fees for you and a friend when enrolling together in the same course or workshop. *conditions apply, full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Darkroom Essentials | Weekend workshop | $300
Whether you are a first-time film photographer, or are looking for a refresher course after a dalliance with digital, this two-day workshop is your essential guide to black-and-white darkroom printing. Tutor: Robert Agostino. When: 19/20 November 2016 (Saturday & Sunday) 10am-4pm both days. View full course overview


Personal Photography Project | Workshop & exhibition | $550
Personal Photography Project is an eleven-month long workshop aimed at providing a supportive and structured environment for photographers looking to sink their teeth into a personal project of their own choice. Tutor: Thea McGrath. Commencing Sunday 30 October 2016 (NOW FULLY BOOKED), and continuing into 2017 (culminating in a group exhibition at the PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery in September 2017. View full course overview

Design your own course | One-on-one "photo coach" tutoring | $100/hr
Develop your photographic practice with the help of an experienced photographer. PhotoAccess can custom structure a one-off tutorial to suit your needs, to help improve your photographic skills and confidence. Maximum two people per personalised session. View full course overview


Kids Summer Digital Photography School | Three-day course | $300
These guided three-day courses include a short field trip to capture images, and computer based workshops to develop images. Suitable for 10 to 16 year olds. When: 11-13 January, OR 18-20 January 2017 (9am-4pm each day). View full course overview

Kids Summer Analogue Photography School | Two-day workshop | $230
This hands-on workshop for kids explores photography in the PhotoAccess darkroom. Guided by an experienced tutor, kids will make contact prints, photograms, sun prints (cyanotypes), and create unique images using pinhole cameras. Suitable for 10 to 16 year olds. When: 16-17 January 2017 (9am-4pm each day). View full course overview



Camera Skills | Five-week course | $320
Don’t just take a photograph- make one! This five-week course will give beginners a solid grounding in digital photography. Whether you are a first-timer, or a self-taught photographer wishing to increase your knowledge of camera settings, Camera Skills will equip you with the tools you need to make truly memorable images and master your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC). Tutor: Jane Duong. When: 2017 dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

Camera Basics | One-day workshop | $175
This hands-on workshop is your plain-English guide to the fundamentals of digital photography, and will allow you to shoot with confidence and control, getting great results from your digital single-lens reflex or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. Tutor: Jane Duong. When: Dates and times TBC. View full course overview

Digital Toolbox: Photoshop and Lightroom for beginners | Seven-week course | $390
Digital Toolbox is your beginners’ guide to Photoshop and Lightroom, the professionals' choice of image editing software. Over seven weeks, Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert Andrew Burke will introduce you to these two compatible programs, that can be used simultaneously by the amateur and professional photographer alike. Students will receive a comprehensive printed tutorial book, written by Andrew, at the start of the course. This book will allow students to study and practice between sessions. By the end of the course, you will have the tools you need to make images that stand out from the crowd. When: TBC (Thursdays), 6pm-9pm. View full course overview

Introduction to Studio Lighting | One-day workshop | $175
Learn how to set up and position PhotoAccess’ Bowens studio lighting kit for portraits and still life photography. Participants will also learn how to use a light meter to determine the settings for the lights and their camera. Tutor: Greg Stoodley. When: TBC for 2017. View full course overview

Introduction to Studio Lighting for Art Documentation | One-day workshop | $175
This studio lighting workshop is specifically designed for the documentation of two and three dimensional artworks. Tutor: Greg Stoodley. When: TBC for 2017. View full course overview

Camera Skills Intermediate | Five-session course | $320
Take your photography to the next level. This intermediate course follows on from Camera Skills, and is designed to give you the tools to master your camera, and develop your individual camera craft. Expand your skills, explore advanced techniques and take creative control of your photography. Tutor: Joe Cali. When: dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

Tintype Photography with Wet-plate Collodion | Weekend workshop | $390
Learn to make one-off tintypes in the PhotoAccess darkroom with experienced teacher, printmaker and photographer Bill Moseley. In this one and a half day workshop, you will learn to make tintypes, a technique perfected by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851. Using a wet plate collodion process, participants will learn to prepare thin sheets of metal for exposure to make unique tintype images. When: This workshop ran 10am-4pm Saturday 22 October and 10am-1pm Sunday 23 October 2016. 2017 dates and times TBA. View full course overview

Extended Moments: Cinematography basics for your DSLR | Weekend workshop | $280
This workshop is for people who would like to get more out of their video enabled camera, and is designed to give you an introduction to the basics of cinematography and camera operation. Tutor: Miguel Gallagher. When: Summer 2016/2017 dates and times coming soon (Saturday & Sunday) 10am-4pm each day. View full course overview

Dark Arts | Six-week beginners darkroom course | $390
Over six weeks, you will learn to make silver gelatin prints in the PhotoAccess darkroom, developing your printing creativity and confidence. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to correctly develop film, make contact prints, master exposure, control contrast, and dodge and burn your images. Tutor: Robert Agostino. When: Summer 2016/17 dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

The Art of Street Photography | Weekend workshop @ CBR Multicultural Festival | $280
Capturing photographs on the street is an art in itself. In this popular weekend workshop, renowned documentary photographer Belinda Pratten will teach the skills necessary to make successful images on the street. Over two days, participants will learn to photograph atmosphere, movement and character amid the buzz of the National Multicultural Festival, Canberra’s largest street festival. When: Saturday/Sunday, 10am-4pm both days. 2017 dates coming soon. View full course overview

Portraiture in Context with Belinda Pratten | Weekend workshop | $280
Learn the art of making your subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera while maintaining creative control of the portrait session. Students will also learn how to utilise available light in various conditions and how to think creatively on their feet while working with subjects. When: 2017 dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

No Shades of Grey | Lith printing for beginners | Weekend workshop
Lith printing uses specialised materials and lithographic chemistry to create high contrast images with deep blacks and bright, soft whites, achieving varied and expressive results. Taught by experienced Det Voges, this weekend workshop will introduce participants to shooting and processing works for lith printing. This course was run in July 2015 (10am-4pm both days). 2016 dates coming soon.View full course overview

Winter Available Light | Weekend workshop | $280
Learn to harness Canberra’s famous winter light in this weekend workshop. Participants will gain the skills to be able to ‘see’ the light in various conditions, and to translate it into their own photography without resorting to flash photography. Tutor: Sean Davey. When: 2017 dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

Intentional Malfunction: DIY approach to super 8 film | weekend workshop | $300
Learn to shoot, process, treat and show black-and-white super 8 film, creating unique and experimental hand-processed film strips. Australian experimental filmmaker and visual artist Louise Curham will share with you her experiences using super 8. When: This workshop was run 2/3 April 2016 (Saturday & Sunday), 10am-4pm both days. 2017 dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

Negative Thinking: Shooting black-and-white film | One-day intermediate workshop | $175
Just shoot! Take creative control of your photography, and become comfortable and confident using your film camera. In this one-day intermediate workshop participants will experiment with different films and developing methods. Tutor: Robert Agostino. When: This workshop was run in March 2016 (on a Sunday from 10am-4pm). To express your interest in future dates please email us. View full course overview

Fibre-based Black-and-White Darkroom | Weekend workshop | $320
In this two-day intermediate workshop, students will be introduced to advanced printing techniques and will print on fibre-based paper; producing exhibition quality prints by the end of the workshop. tutor: Sean Davey. When: Next dates and times coming soon. View full course overview

Copperplate Photogravure | weekend workshop | $475
In this two-day intermediate workshop you will learn about photogravure. This original 19th Century technique is unsurpassed in depth and tactile quality. Combined with modern inkjet positives, photogravure is an interesting intersection between traditional printmaking, photography and digital technology. Tutor: Bill Moseley. When: 2017 dates coming soon (Saturday & Sunday) 10am-4pm both days. View full course overview

Professional Digital Workflow with Dr Les Walkling | Intermediate two-day workshop | $530
This two-day workshop is a rare opportunity to receive specialist instruction from one of Australia's leading photographers and most prominent photographic educators. From Lightroom and Photoshop to printing and publishing, from accurate white balance to matching prints to screen, the management of colour is at the heart of every digital imaging process. This intermediate studio workshop presents a logical and comprehensive approach to accurately controlling colour throughout our workflows and across our creative practice. The aim is to acquire the critical knowledge and essential skills demanded by the highest image quality and colour fidelity. When:This workshop was run on 9/10 April 2016. 2017/18 dates coming soon. View full course overview.


We also offer courses and workshops for groups. This included corporate packages and tailored courses and workshops to suit school and community groups. Click here to find out more.

(Top photo: by Michelle Spencer. Above photo: Blue Gum students)