Residue - Holly & Valentina Schulte

2008-11-30 16:00
2008-12-14 16:00

HUW DAVIES GALLERY 27 November–14 December 2008; opening 2pm Sunday 30 November

Residue is two exhibitions in one—Holly Schulte’s Nightfalls and Valentina Schulte’s Walking Tour: Part 2—each taking an individual path to suggesting significance and presence beyond the visual surface of place.

Holly Schulte was a member of PhotoAccess for some years, presenting work in group shows until her departure for Sydney via the UK in 2004. Nightfalls is based on images made in Sydney’s inner west. Valentina Schulte’s images were made in places she has visited overseas.

Holly and Valentina, cousins, speak of their shared concerns in these terms:

Histories are documented through words, but literary descriptions can fail to convey the entirety of a time and place. When visiting a place one may feel an underlying energy resonating. The experience, indescribable, surreptitious, hard to quantify in words, causes a physical sensation for unexplainable reasons. This personal connection can be interpreted as evidence that the land and cityscapes in which we dwell have subconscious messages to convey, communicating more than might first meet the eye.

We present our interpretations of this indescribable residue, drawing on the otherness and understated in the built environment, exploring modest or banal spaces that illustrate the presence of human activity.

The intuitive eye explores each location; the captured frame visualising the idea of at once being alone and enveloped in something more than a seemingly void space. Just as our dreams combine existing and imagined elements these images are grounded in reality yet possess something more.

The work of both artists is atmospheric and beautifully realised.

Holly Schulte is a suburban voyeur. Her recomposed images have a startling abstract quality that draws on the forms and details of suburban back streets at the first fall of night. We look into black and lit windows without seeing, but imagining, the people who live in these places. Holly’s images hint at the sort of people we might find here, but leave space for us to conjure up the reality of their lives.

Valentina Schulte reconnoiters places with her camera, a flâneur with a keen eye to understanding and conveying the ineffable. While her aesthetic suggests a detached observer, Valentina’s images are carefully made to nudge us towards a deeper contemplation of the places she has visited. They speak of the concerns and impacts of humans beyond the visible surface of the natural and built environments.

PhotoAccess is delighted to show Holly and Valentina Schulte’s Residue in the HUW DAVIES GALLERY at the Manuka Arts Centre.

David Chalker