Access All Areas 2008

2008-05-15 17:12
2008-06-08 17:12

HUW DAVIES GALLERY 15 May– 6 June 2008
Blockbuster is an overused term in the visual arts, but there’s no avoiding it writing about Access all areas 2008. It’s a blockbuster—93 works by 51 members almost bursting the seams of the HUW DAVIES GALLERY. One result is an extremely challenging, what some may see as peculiar hang inviting the question where to from here?

We could consider moving to larger premises, or presenting only a selection of the work submitted, restricting the size of images, or any number of other rationalist options. But most of them would deny our members the right, not available anywhere else in Canberra and the region, to show the highly valued results of their efforts to the community in which they live. And to see them alongside the work of other members at all stages of development, interested in a vast array of subjects and employing all manner of media.

We are genuinely delighted to say that Access all areas 2008 represents PhotoAccess in all of its diversity: new and longstanding members, young and older members, members of the PhotoAccess board, all of the staff and many of our tutors, present and past artists in residence, and a number of artists who have had solo shows or participated in group shows with us in recent years.

It’s very risky to single out individuals for mention in a group show like this, but we are very pleased to welcome a number of people for the first time, including Gilbert Herrada, Christine Rufflet, Steve Lovegrove, Bhavana Moylan, Nathan Lanham, Sindhu Quinn, Jessie Boylan, Nick Fisher, Alexia Meslin. Simon Vellnagel-Dunn, John Nguyen, Wolf Sverak, Richard Scherer, Frank Galdys and Anna Madeleine. Equally welcome are some members who have been absent for a while, including Barb Smith, Lauren Hewitt, Marilyn Landau and Karen Woodward.

Engaging and challenging work has come again this year from many of our more established names, and we are very pleased with their continuing support of the annual members shows which continue to be a highlight of the increasingly rich and full HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibition program.

David Chalker

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