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HUW DAVIES GALLERY 3 to 20 May 2012
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Image: Julie Garran, Backyard 1

Access all areas 2012 represents PhotoAccess in all its diversity with 107 works by 57 members—from black and white prints made by hand in the PhotoAccess darkroom to astounding, sophisticated digital images by Josh Dykgraaf and Ed Whalan, and Scott Newman’s beautiful tintypes reminding us of the earliest processes of photography.

It’s interesting to speculate on the motivation of members in making and presenting work. Scott Newman says his interest in the tintype came about ‘… after searching for a way to make photographs that were not only about the image but also about the object.’ Sean Davey’s two works seem to call up the memory of personal moments in an innovative and evocative way. For Julie Garran making work is often about family, and her quirky images could not have been made without the cooperation of close, very willing tiny people. Kerry Reed-Gilbert’s My land, my spirit and The road to somewhere connect to her cultural roots as does Jo Kamira’s Ta Moko. Suan Chin Wong’s Spring celebrates a time of quiet contemplation on the verdant shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

We welcome those who are showing in a members’ show for the first time this year. We are pleased to see images from three members we have worked with on a digital storytelling project with Karralika supported by the 2012 ACT Arts Fund. Josie Alexandra, Joel Johnsson and Emily Sargeson are young members presenting work for the first time.

Seeing work on the wall, particularly in the context of a group show, is a real learning opportunity for artists and one of the very important outcomes of our members’ exhibitions. This year’s postcards show from 26 July to 12 August and Hang It Yourself from 18 October to 4 November are the next shows open to all members.

The continuing involvement of artists who have had solo HUW DAVIES GALLERY exhibitions is very pleasing. This year they include Andrée Lawrey, Barb Smith, John Macdonald, Kerry Baylor, Ian Copland, Suzie Edwards, Julie Garran, Lauren Hewitt, Barbie Robinson, Lorna Sim, Tony Stewart, Josh Wodak and Ed Whalan. Two of our current artists in residence, Robert Agostino with two striking black and white prints and Julia Boyd, with her liquid emulsion portraits Ben 1 and 2 are represented in Access all areas 2012.

Also represented in the show are board members and advisers who volunteer their time and expertise to help PhotoAccess with its work (Bob Burne, Ian Copland, Lauren Hewitt and Tony Stewart); staff members; tutors—Jane Duong and Richard Scherer in particular; and volunteers (including Alan Charlton).

Engaging and challenging work has become the standard for PhotoAccess members shows, and Access all areas 2012 continues the tradition.

David Chalker

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