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(Tony Fleming, Aurora Basin camp 2013, inkjet print, 29.7 x 38.0cm)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
Antarctica by Tony Fleming | PhotoACTIVISM PhotoAccess members' exhibition

Opening 6pm Thursday 24 September 2015
To be opened by Julia Mulligan, Chair Belconnen Arts Centre and PhotoAccess Life Member.

Exhibition dates: 24 September – 18 October 2015

Antarctica presents aspects of human contact with the forbidding, frozen landscapes and irrepressible grandeur of Antarctica. As Tony Fleming describes, Antarctica is a harsh and beautiful continent. The landscape and weather determines what humans can do and where we can go in the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean. This exhibition shows aspects of how people work in Antarctica and the magnificent landscapes. The images of the Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis, were taken on a commemoration voyage to Commonwealth Bay, celebrating the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914, led by Douglas Mawson. Other images show the Aurora Basin North scientific camp, set up for the 2013-14 summer. The camp epitomizes Australia’s collaboration with other Antarctic nations to undertake globally significant science. Tony Fleming is a published photographer, whose work has been featured in journals of the Australian Antarctic Division, NSW National Parks & Wildlife, and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Tony led the Australian Antarctic Division from 2011-2015, leaving the Division in August this year. Catalogue.

PhotoACTIVISM, our final members’ exhibition for 2015, showcases photography as a persuasive and passionate medium. Photography can change perspectives, illuminate hidden truths, and challenge expectations. PhotoACTIVISM will showcase powerful images and images with intent, which make political statements, communicate important human experiences, prompt us to action, or activate our senses. In this exhibition, 31 PhotoAccess members have creatively addressed this theme through photography and photo-based art.

Exhibitors: Robert Agostino, Georgia Black, Grace Costa, Suzie Edwards, Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Julie Garran, Zelda Green, Toni Hassan, Susan Henderson, Gilbert Herrada, Margaret Kalms, Kon Kudo, Andrée Lawrey, Paul Livingston, Annette Lock, Hardy Lohse, Kate Luke, Michael Masters, Thea McGrath, Andrew Morgan, Julia Mulligan, Judy Parker, Kim Psaila, Glenn Pure, Brian Rope, Ian Skinner, Brian Stewart, Genevieve Swifte, Samuel Townsend, Rosina Wainwright and Barak Zelig.

PhotoAccess was established in 1984 as a community organisation, encouraging the use of photography to achieve personal and political growth, and providing affordable and accessible facilities. Times and technologies have changed, but PhotoAccess has adapted and matured, continually maintaining relevance – providing the inspiration and means for people to create their own cultural statements through the photo-based arts. It is with this in mind that we have invited members to creatively respond to the theme. Catalogue.

(Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Anthropocene (still) 2015, HD video with sound)

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(Louise Curham, A Film of One's Own [Archive Fever] 2015, super 8 film frames)

PhotoAccess presents in the Huw Davies Gallery
A Film of One's Own [Archive Fever] by Louise Curham | The Apostle by Juhani Koivumäki

The exhibitions will be opened on Thursday 22 October 2015 at 6pm, with artist introductions by Louise Curham and Juhani Koivumäki.

Exhibition dates: 22 October – 15 November 2015.

A Film of One’s Own [Archive Fever] by Canberra-based artist Louise Curham presents a video installation and giclee prints constructed from super 8 film literally stuck inside a larger 16mm film. Physically cutting, manipulating and treating film, Louise addresses the shifting nature of technology, and the sense of subjectivity and malleability that is now invested in the film-based image- a medium once thought to be stable and infinitely repeatable. At this moment in contemporary media culture, where we are often struck by the power of our personal and shared social media archives, Curham considers the archive as a strange loop of creation and reflection. A Film of One’s Own [Archive Fever] explores film as a constantly shifting entity, akin to an oral history transmitting memories and feelings.

Mid-career Finnish media artist Juhani Koivumäki’s The Apostle is a metaphorical media-art work reflecting on Jesus of Nazareth as a radical figure of Christianity. Using video art to recover the sense of radical spirituality in the biblical stories of Jesus Christ, Juhani seeks to reconnect art with spirituality and mysticism, in the context of the changing needs and pressures of contemporary society and its institutions. This is the international premier of The Apostle. Juhani’s visit to Australia is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, and the Finnish Film Foundation. Juhani’s stay in Canberra is supported by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres’ Visiting Artists Program.

(Juhani Koivumäki, The Apostle (still) 2015, single channel video, duration 4.21)

2015-10-28 17:33

(Image: Rebecca Worth, detail from The Grief Soliloquies series, 2014. Rebecca Worth is a 2015 PhotoAccess emerging artist-in-residence.)

2016 Residency and Exhibition

PhotoAccess is excited to launch Double Exposure, a residency program offering one interstate mid-career* artist a nine-month opportunity to produce new work for an exhibition and public program in 2016. Produced in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres (AGAC), Double Exposure supports the creation of new and innovative photo-based work. Priority will be given to artists who work experimentally, or who involve (or are wanting to introduce) cross-disciplinary elements, for example performance or installation. The residency aims to introduce one artist to ACT audiences, and to contribute to public awareness of photomedia practice in a national and expanded art context.

The residency runs over the course of nine months (March-November 2016), with seven weeks accommodation provided in Canberra at the Gorman Arts Centre ArtSit, to be apportioned at the artists’ discretion (in consultation with the AGAC). As well as the opportunity to create new work, the artist will participate in three events: an ‘In Conversation’ event, performance or workshop at Gorman Arts Centre, a talk or technical demonstration at PhotoAccess, and a solo exhibition at PhotoAccess in November 2016. The artist will have multiple opportunities to engage with the public, present their practice and exchange ideas with ACT artists and audiences.

The residency includes a stipend of $2,500, a materials allowance of $700, and a total travel budget of up to $1,660 to be provided over the course of the residency.

Applicants must submit an application form including a 1 page proposal for their residency project, a current CV and up to 10 JPEG images of recent work. Application form available here.

Applications close 5pm Wednesday 28th October 2015. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in mid November 2015.

*Mid-career artist definition (adapted from National Association for the Visual Arts guidelines): An artist who has had at least 5–10 years of professional practice experience. Professional practice is considered the public presentation of an artist’s work in a professional arts setting including galleries, museums, artist-run-initiatives, public art projects, commercial galleries, residency programs and major arts festivals such as biennales or art fairs. It does not include student exhibitions, awards or prizes.

This project is funded by the ACT Government's 2016 Arts Residencies ACT Program.